Another award in the field of volunteering

08 December 2016.
In 2016 volunteers and employees of Nova generacija with their hard work and dedication brought our Association to the one more award in field of volunteering. For us, Diploma for a Special Contribution for Development of Volunteering in the Republic of Srpska is a guarantee that we are on right way of supporting and developing our local community, and enabling our beneficiaries more comfortable and better quality of life.

BiH brothers, sisters BiH, three days of educational and creative activities

14 November 2016
Within the project "BiH Brother, Sister BiH" during the three-day educational and creative activities ( from 11th to 13th November 2016) association “Nova generacija” host 35 young people from 5 cities in BiH (Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Zenica, Tuzla, Mostar) and 11 children from Banja Luka. All our activities were in Youth Center in Banja Luka. Our aim was to improve the knowledge and skills of volunteers in the direction of better understanding the multi-ethnic coexistence in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with focus on social justice, inter-ethnic tolerance, non-violent communication, understanding, and all in the context of direct work with children from vulnerable social categories and transfer that knowledge and experience to them.

We also visited the American Corner in Banja Luka in order to inform participants about the opportunities it offers, and there is also presented the photo story "The walls" from the one of the participant from Tuzla, that perfectly fit with the topic of our project.

We are very grateful to the American Embassy and the Foundation "Narko ne" who supported the project. We are also thankful for cooperation to the association "Hi neighbor" and others who have supported our work, all participants and volunteers.

Trip to Krupa na Vrbasu

22 May 2016
On Sunday, 22nd May, the Association Nova generacija and Youth center Hi Neighbour, as part of the "Big Brother, Big Sister" project they organized the picnic. The picnic was intended primarily for children involved in the project, they had the opportunity together with its volunteers enjoy in nature and leisure activities. The Picnic is implemented in small picnic place Krupa na Vrbasu near Banja Luka . The children and volunteers were provided with food and refreshments, and sports props and different outdoor games. Also, this date was the World Day of biodiversity, and that is the reason for informing children about the importance of preserving biodiversity.

International Child Helpline Day

17 May 2016
Today, on May 17, is celebrated International Child Helpline Day. There is an interesting story behind the world's largest network Child Helpline International. 25 years ago Jero Billimoria, a social worker from India, gave her phone number to the street children pointing out that they should call her if they need help. From that moment, her phone did not stop ringing, so she set up a helpline for children in India.

Number of calls constantly grew so Jero decided to go beyond the borders of her country, and to establish a global network of child helplines. By linking and improving existing lines from other countries Child Helpline International was finally established in 2003 in Amsterdam. Today this network has 183 members from 142 countries, which responded to more than 126 million calls. Their work is based on anonymity, during the conversation it is not necessary to leave your private data, and the line itself pays call costs.

In the EU, all the child helplines have the same number (116-111), simply because that the child can get help no matter where they are.

Blue Phone is a child helpline established in Bosnia and Herzegovina three years ago, which last year became a member of Child Helpline International, and is currently waiting to receive European number.

Number of Blue phone is 080 05 03 05, and since 2013 it rang more than 2000 times. Calls to this number are free of charge regardless of the network, thanks to the support of the m:tel company.

Members of the Nova generacija and their volunteers are responsible for successful work of Blue phone, but also the media who unselfishly promote its work and work hard so information can reach those who need it most. In addition to the m:tel company, the work of Blue phone is also helped by companies Metromedia and Mediaboard who provide sity lights, billboards and wifi billboards across the country in order to promote the line.

"Blue Phone" is looking for new volunteers!

13 May 2016
Increased number of calls and the increasing needs of children for counseling and support require larger number of „Blue Phone“ team members.

"Blue Phone" is anonymous line for children from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and thanks to the m:tel company, calls are free regardless to the network you are calling from. The line is open every day from 9 am to 17 pm, and it's work is also helped by Mediabord and Metromedia.

The call is open for students who:
are studying pedagogy, psychology, social work and other related humanistic sciences; can do the training and start volunteering during the summer, can dedicate 4 hours per week for volunteering, for at least nine months; want to help and to be a support to children, are responsible and motivated for building their personalities.

Chosen volunteers will get:
training in the area of counseling work with children; education about the types of violence and child abuse; work in a dynamic non-governmental organization; mentoring and assistance during volunteering; a certificate for completed volunteering.

If you want to apply for our call it is necessary to download a form from and send it to until 20 May at noon. For additional information, please call 051/927-242 or write to The best candidates will be invited for an interview, after that starts the training of selected volunteers.

Citizens of Banja Luka look away from the violence

18 April 2016
Only two of 100 citizens of Banja Luka reacted to the scene of peer violence on the streets and stood up for the victim!

This was showed during yesterday's street action in Banja Luka, which was implemented by Association “Nova generacija”. Four actors of DIS theater and eight volunteers of “Nova generacija” simulated bullying at three locations in the center of Banja Luka, and people passed next to them, pretending not to notice.

Even policemen passed by the children and only two people reacted. When the volunteers approached to the citizens, they pretended not seeing anything so they couldn’t react.

This street action is just one of the activities within the project "I am also responsible”, whose very name suggests that violence concerns all citizens, not just the direct actors. If possible, people should react and protect the victim, no matter how the situation seems harmless at first sight.

The project started on 1st of February and is funded by the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports. Previous activities involved training of “Blue phone” volunteers, recording video about peer violence, as well as informing the public about the importance of responses to violence.

International Day of Street Children in Banja Luka

13 April 2016
"Let's give them time instead of money," is the title of the photo exhibition which is set in the Day Care Centre in Banja Luka, on the occasion of the International Day of Street Children.

Organizer of the exhibition is the Association for the Prevention of Addiction "NARKO-NE" from Sarajevo, in cooperation with the association "Nova generacija" from Banja Luka. The aim is to show the importance of volunteer work in the prevention of begging and in providing protection to children for exercising their rights, as well as connecting volunteers from day care centers operating in Bosnia.

The exhibition will be open on Friday, 15th of April, when the volunteers of the "NARKO-NE" will hold workshops for children who are users of the Day Care Centre in Banja Luka. After Banja Luka, the exhibition travels to other daily centers in Bosnia - Tuzla, Zenica, Mostar, Brcko and Bijeljina.

It is interesting that the authors of the exhibited photographs are children who use the Service of child care in need, and this way they documented their daily life.

Increasing number of calls for "Blue Phone"

12 April 2016
The number of calls addressed to the child helpline "Blue Phone" (080 05 03 05) has increased almost nine times compared to the same period last year.

The increase is the result of the line promotion, from January to March "Blue phone" received even 449 calls, while during the same period last year the number of calls was 51. Children mostly called due to problems of violence and abuse, family relationships, problems at school, relationships with peers, and information regarding their growth and physical appearance.

Over three years of existence, "Blue phone" rang 2,083 times in total. About 25 counselors volunteer on this line, and they are trained to provide quality support for children.

Thanks to the friendship with the m:tel company, which in the context of its social responsibility supports the work of the line, children from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina can call "Blue Phone" for free, regardless of the network they use. The work of the line is also supported by Mediabord and Metromedia, which provide wireless billboards, billboards and fed light across the country.

Education for Blue Phone counselors

17 March 2016
On March 11th 2016 in Youth Dormitory of Banja Luka, the education has been organized about bullying and Internet bullying as well as self-injury and suicide in children population, for counselors of Blue phone.
Coordinators of Brave Phone from Croatia, Hana Hrpka and Bozena Peric were lecturers on this training. For us it was significant to hear the experiences of Brave phone regarding these issues and to discuss about the possibilities for giving adequate support and assistance in cases of bullying and crisis situations as well as potentially the execution of suicide to children.
Trainings were organized trough the project "I am responsible too" funded by the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports of Republic Srpska, in order to improve the knowledge and skills of Blue phone counselors.
As always, education was more than helpful, counselors received additional knowledge and skills which they will use on every day basis to work on the Blue phone. Counselors had opportunity to exchange experiences with representatives of the Brave Phone.

Blue Phone is the member of the worlds largest network of child helplines

6 December 2015
Blue phone, child helpline, officially became a member of the worlds largest network of child helplines - Child Helpline International Foundation (CHI). It is very important that one child helpline is recognized by this network because it indicates the quality of work of that helpline.
CHI is a global network that was founded in 2003 and consists of 192 child helplines in 145 countries around the world. During the past 12 years, CHI works on establishment and strengthening the capacities of the child helplines in order to provide for every child a chance to be heard. CHI recognizes that the network is as strong as the quality of individual services that child helplines offer to children throughout the world.
Blue Phone is a child helpline that exists since 18.02.2013. as a service of Association "Nova generacija“. It is primarily intended for children who are victims of violence and exploitation, but is open to all problems that children are faced with. Thanks to the company M:tel, from this year the line is free for calls from all operators of mobile and landline telephony from whole Bosnia and Herzegovina, so children can call Blue phone from every part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and talk for free about problems that concern them.
Blue phone is open every day from 9 am to 17 pm. So far it received 1,095 calls and 80% of the calls are from the children. Our goal is to work 24/7 in order to be available for children at any moment.

The best organizer of volunteering

6 December 2015
Republic Award for Volunteering is the highest award that the Republic of Srpska awarded for volunteering and contributes for promotion of volunteering. Association “Nova generacija” with proud can say that is second time that we have been recognized as the best organizer of volunteering in Republic of Srpska (first time was in year 2011). To the Association, this acknowledgment is confirmation that thanks to our own work and devotion we justified existence of our volunteer programs where hardworking, enthusiastic young people give their contribution to development and improvement their local community, especially to psycho-social support of our youngest members.

Republic Award for Volunteering is awarded for the occasion International Volunteering Day – December 5th. This date has been acclaimed by the assembly of UN on December 17th 1985 as International Day of Volunteering for Economic and Social Progress, or International Day of Volunteers. Main goal of commemorating this day is making visible all volunteering activities and their voluntary work on local, national and international level.

For Association, this award is not just acknowledgment for successful work in area of volunteering so far, and also is a challenge to become even better in days that are coming.

Children and family fair

14 May 2015
Blue phone, advisory line for children is going to participate at the Children and family fair on 16. and 17. of May, in front of Association „Nova generacija“. At the fair, Blue phone will be presented by an interactive play „It can be different!“ and Creative corner „How to make a toy on my own“?

The play that will be performed by „Dis Theater“ on Saturday, from 18:30 until 19:30, is about a problem of bullying and it will ask children to actively participate in the play and to create the end of the play together with actors.

At the creative corner „How to make a toy by myself“ on Saturday from 16h until 17h and Sunday from 17h until 18h, parents and children will have a chance to learn how to make toys using recycled material that they have at their own homes and to take the toy they made with them.

At the Blue phone booth, children will have a chance to make origami toys and to get more information about the work of Blue phone. Blue phone is open every day from 9h until 17h. Call 080 05 03 05!

Educational course "A school for parents"

19 January 2015
Educational course "A school for parents or how to educate a child in the modern age" continues in 2015. With the financial support by the Ministry for Family, Youth and Sport of the Republic of Srpska Association ¨Nova generacija¸¸ starts with another set of education for the parents, we are starting February 24th 2015 at 17:30 PM. Fifteen parents are going to attend 18 hours of education about parenting. Education will be held twice a week for two hours. Topics that will be addressed are: constructive communication, how and when to set requirements, how gratified and discipline our children, the impact of modern technology on the psychosocial development of children, the importance of playing during childhood and the importance of free time for parents and for couple.
In order to empower the parents for non-violent and non-over yielding education, in addition of the theory we'll talk about individual situations that parents have with their children and together with them we will find appropriate techniques and methods applicable in these situations.
Lecturers are: Snežana Jondža, graduated psychologist and counselor of supervision in the Transaction Analyses and Bojana Delibasic Bjelic, graduated social worker. Training will be held at the Youth Center, Đure Daničića 1, and the first session is scheduled for February 24th 2015 at 17:30 PM.

"Big brother, big sister” manifestation

27 January 2015
A final manifestation “Big brother, big sister” was held on January 26th 2015 at Youth Center Banja Luka, as a part of “Big brother, big sister” project. This project was realized as part of All Inclusive program, funded by the Foundation Mozaik, the Austrian Development Agency and Light for the World Foundation.

The aim of the project is support in improving the quality of life of children without parental care, beneficiaries of Orphanage Rada Vranješević. Children attended creative workshops of acting, photography, interactive workshops in Museum of RS and City Library.  During the manifestation, children had an opportunity to demonstrate their acting skills in a short play named “Ludograd” (Crazy town), which they prepared within acting workshop.  Another part of the program was exhibition of photos, created by children within photographic workshop.

In agreement with the volunteers, part of their pocket money was spent for buying of sweet packages for 49 children .

We can proudly say that the children prepared excellent creative program, which was attended by children, volunteers, tutors and professional staff from the Orphanage Rada Vranješević , representatives of the Museum of RS , the Ombudsman for Children of the Republic Srpska, the Human Rights Ombudsman, representatives of the City Administration Banja Luka, representative NarkoNE associations and other associates in this project.

Promotion of the "Big brother, big sister” project

19 November 2014
Promotion of the "Big brother, big sister" project has ended. Project is being conducted by the Association Nova Generacija in cooperation with Orphanage "Rada Vranješević" as part of the All Inclusive program, funded by the Mosaic Foundation, the Austrian Development Agency, Light for the World Foundation and Medicor from Lichtenstein. This project is supported by the Association for preventing drug addiction "Narkone" from Sarajevo.
The project has been promoted to more than 200 students of humanities in order to recruitment of new candidates to the project. Members of the commission for admission of candidates to the project did the selection of candidates.
The candidate selection process has been successfully completed and 49 volunteers are included in project. After the selection, the first training "Preparing to work with children” was held. Volunteers had the opportunity to learn about the basics of working with children and child protection policy through interactive workshops.

One of the nicest things in the "Big brother, big sister" project is to see work results. Within photography section kids were playing with light at a workshop on "prolonged exposure" and the results of their work will be shown at the closing event. At the acting workshop, children will prepare a short play, which will also be presented at the closing event, planned in January of 2015. in Youth Center in Banja Luka.

With a call to a solution

26 September 2014
In September, Association "Nova Generacija" is starting with implementation of the project “With a call to a solution”, which is funded by The City of Banja Luka. The main goal of the project is to improve the work of the "Plavi telefon", the advising line for children. During the project, new volunteers will be recruited and the working hours of the "Plavi telefon" will be extended with 2 more hours, so the line will be available for 8 hours every week day. The project also includes creating a "Plavi telefon" website that will introduce a new service of the "Plavi telefon" : anonymous e-mail advising. Extension of the "Plavi telefon" working hours and introduction of the anonymous e-mail advising is planned for the beginning of the 2015.

The School for parents

24 September 2014
On 15 October 2014 Association "Nova generacija" is starting with the implementation of the project "A school for parents or how to educate a kid in the modern times." The project is funded by the Ministry of family, youth and sports of Republic of Srpska. The main goal of “The School for parents” is to empower the parents for non-violent and non-overyielding education and discipline methods, which will be used to create a relationship of trust and cooperation with their kids, preparing them for independent lives in the society they live in. During the project, two 16-hours education sessions will be held.The first education session will be held in the November-December, 2014 period and the second one in February-March, 2015 period. The education sessions will be free and the number of participants will be limited to 15. The education sessions will be open for parents and all those who are planning to become ones. The sessions will be held by Snezana Jondza, graduated psychologist and advisor in supervising the Transaction Analyse; and Bojana Delibasic Bjelic, graduated social worker.

Older brother, older sister

22 September 2014
Project "Older brother, older sister" is aimed to support solving problems of children without parental care during institutional care and it is being successfully implemented for 12 years. NGO Nova Generacija in cooperation with the Mozaik Foundation started implementing another project with the same title that aims to contribute improving life quality of children without parental care. Children without parental care often express various psychosocial problems and problems in adaptation and socialization. Role of volunteer, older brother, older sister, is to be positive behavior model for child and to provide support and advice. Trough activities with volunteers, children learn about basic life skills and assets, which can additionally help them with dealing with life problems itself. Based on the idea of the project, children from the Orphanage "Rada Vranješević" with their volunteers, will participate in acting workshops, photography workshops, educational workshops that will conduct the Museum of Srpska and visits to the National and University Library of RS. This project enables children from Orphanage "Rada Vranješević" to expand the repertoire of their activities and further, facilitate the process of socialization. Project is supported Foundation Light for the World from Austria, Austrian Development Agency, Foundation Medicor from Liechtenstein and Foundation “Mozaik".

Child friendly space

28 August 2014
In August 2014, the Association "Nova generacija" in cooperation with Save the Children opened Child friendly space in Banja Luka through the project financed by UNICEF, SDC and SIDA.
Child friendly space is way of direct work with children. Save the Children implements this method worldwide, especially in crisis situations. On that way, CFS provides a safe space where children can be sheltered and safe from any dangerous or risk of psycho – physical health and safety. Child friendly space provides children with continuous learning and growing up immediately after crisis situation.
Child friendly space started with operation at 29th August 2014 and it's settled in elementary school "Borisav Stankovic" in Lazarevo, Banja Luka. It will be open every working day from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM till half of November 2014.
In Child friendly space, two facilitators will be engaged every day with the help of volunteers, which will ensure comprehensive and interesting activities for children affected by floods.

Project: More knowledge, more possibilities

25 August 2014
In August Organization “Nova Generacija” will start with the project called: More knowledge, more possibilities. The project will be financed by the Organization of Good Samaritans (Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund, e.V. Germany), and will function through the partnerships with “Altruist” from Mostar, Women’s Organization “Nada” from Prijedor, Organization “Zemlja Djece” from Tuzla and Citizen’s Organization “Oaza” from Trebinje.
The goal of the project will be the creation of a webpage that will contain the knowledge base of the organizations and institutions from five towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina that provide social services for the children at risk, as well as a literature and research database from these areas. It will also include an open forum page through which the citizens will be able to ask questions and receive answers regarding providing social services for the children at risk. This is a pilot project that will be implemented in the next two and a half months and our goal in the following period is to expand the base on all social services and all organizations and institutions that offer these services for the children at risk in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Let's collect the droplets!

1 August 2014
Jana Voda has organized a humanitarian action for supporting non-governmental organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The idea is to take action by visiting the website for collecting droplets to purchase computer equipment for the Day Care Centre for Children in Association of Nova generacija. Every drop is a step closer to the realization of positive action and good returns good. Action of collecting droplets for Association New Generation lasts from 01 to 31 August 2014.

Humanitarian action

1 August 2014
On the occasion of the week of breastfeeding and opening of free Nursing corner, Bubsi beba and Association Nova generacija organized a humanitarian action to help and support for vulnerable families with young children. The action will last for two weeks. All collected diapers, food, hygiene, school books, heaters and other supplies will be distributed to families.

Press release

18 June 2014
Association "Nova generacija" in cooperation with Bussines Club and Youth Council of Republic Srpska are committed to imports of humanitarian aid from abroad in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Imported humanitarian aid is intended for areas damaged by flood, mainly on the territory of the Republic of Srpska - Banja Luka, Doboj, Samac and other smaller towns close to these cities.
From 28th May of the 2014 to date in our Country came 7 large trucks of humanitarian aid from the German cities - Munich, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe and Rosenheim. This humanitarian aid was collected wholeheartedly by the Serbian Orthodox Church community / parish / municipality in cooperation with citizens from this area. They collected approx. 80 tons of different kind of humanitarian aid such as food, water, hygiene packages, clothing, shoes, mattresses, medical beds, food and hygiene for babies, diapers for babies and adults, towels, blankets and bedding.

Until 16th Jun 2014 we have delivered 11795 packages of different humanitarian aid. For all packages that we delivered, we take administrative records. Humanitarian aid is still being collected and we will continue our efforts to distribute the aid to the most vulnerable areas of our country.


The first Shadow report of implementing a national Strategy to combat violence against children BiH 2012-2015 has been completed

18 June 2014
Association "Nova generacija" has participated in the development of the first Shadow report on the implementation of the National "Strategy to combat violence against children in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2012-2015" for the reporting period of 2011/2012th, as a member of an Independent monitoring team in 2013th. The Shadow report had been prepared under the project "Strengthening the role of civil society organisations in monitoring the National Strategy to combat violence against children in Bosnia and Herzegovina", which was implemented by the Association VESTA Tuzla with partners.

The report, with its findings and recommendations, represent a significant step forward in the field of protection of children from violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Establishment of an Independent monitoring team and finishing the first Shadow report also represent a "pioneering step" that can be called a revolutionary breakthrough in monitoring the activities of children's rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina in general.

Documents for download:
The Shadow report (.pdf, 3.8)
Code of Ethics for research with children and about children in B&H (.pdf, 7.7)

Aid to those affected by floods

23 May 2014
Association "Nova generacija" has participated in the development of the first Shadow report on the implementation of the National "Strategy to combat violence against children in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2012-2015" for the reporting period of 2011/2012th, as a member of an Independent monitoring team in 2013th. Shadow report was prepared under the project "Strengthening the role of civil society organisations in monitoring the National Strategy to combat violence against children in Bosnia and Herzegovina", which was implemented by the Association VESTA Tuzla with partners. Shadow report, with its findings and recommendations, represent a significant step forward in the field of protection of children from violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Establishment of an Independent monitoring team and finishing the first Shadow report also represent a "pioneering step" that can be called a revolutionary breakthrough in monitoring the activities of children's rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina in general. Shadow report and Code of Ethics for research with children and about children in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be found here .

Appreciation letter

22 May 2014
In last 10 days Association "Nova generacija", with great help from many people, has delivered over 3000 packages of food, hygiene product, blankets, footwear, clothes, bedding etc. We are doing all of that with help of many donors - citizens, private companies, local organizations, organizations from other cities and countries.

We would also like to thank all people who have been volunteering in our Association all over day and night. We have received many good words from the field for the people who have helped with cleaning homes and yards people affected by floods. They have been very hard working and polite. Also, we would like to say a big thank you to those who receive calls about needs of people affected by floods, categorize that needs and make appropriate packages. We also share our gratitude for those who have to help in administrative jobs - raise money, collect donation in big shops, those who have been delivering packages these days with their own cars, to all other people who give us your free time to help us in all our activities during these days!

We are very proud of our volunteers and associates, without them all of this would be impossible. Thank you for being here for us!


Appeal for aid to those affected by floods

19 May 2014
Bosnia and Herzegovina is affected with incredible flood so far unseen in our region . The catastrophy that happend to us caused major damage, our citizens are hungry, thirsty, without basic livelihood. Association "Nova generacija" in accordance with their capacity helps in collecting and distributing food and water, hygienic supplies, blankets, clothes, footwear, equipment and food for babies, cleaning suplies and other things. Our employees with the help of volunteers and the support of the Center of Social Work Banja Luka are bringing the packages directly on field to the vulnerable citizens.

So far we have shared more than 1,000 packages to help the most vulnerable areas of the city of Banja Luka, in Celinac and beyond. We are continuing to collect help wholeheartedly donated by private citizens, citizen groups, NGOs and private companies. There are more and more interested people who are willing to help and provide assistance in any form ( material resources , help with cleaning , etc. ) We invite all people in the country and abroad to support our action by helping population affected with this flood.

More information you can get on the phone number +387 51 923 270, email:, or on our FB profile UG "Nova generacija".

International day for street involved children - 12th April

14 April 2014
International day for street involved children, 12th April, has been established in 2011 by the Consortium for street involved children, leading international network devoted to promotion of street involved children rights all around the world.
In honor of this day Association “Nova generacija” has organized a one-day seminar about problems of children exploitation. Seminar was in Hotel Bosnia, Banja Luka - the participants were professionals from primary and secondary schools (social workers, pedagogues and psychologists), representatives of the Canters of Social Work from whole country. Lecturers were representatives of the Center of Social Work Banja Luka – social worker Bojan Arula, Inspector from Ministry of Interior Drazan Bojic and psychologist Dario Lipovac from Association Nova generacija.

Whit this seminar Association ‘’Nova generacija’’ wanted to draw attention to the problem of exploitation of children, the psychological consequences of the exploitation of children, and who are usually children at risk of becoming recruited and exploited.

Also, psychologist Dario Lipovac was a guest on the TV show "In Focus" at the National Television - RTRS, which was also dedicated to the 12th April and was aimed to actualize the problem of exploitation and trafficking of children.

"To solution with their own hands" fair

13 April 2014
On Saturday, April 12 2014, at the Youth Center, Fair was held marking the completion of the project "To solution with their own hands", which is financially supported by the Mosaic Foundation, as part of the All Inclusive program, funded by the Foundation Light for the World from Austria and the Austrian Development Agency.

The goal of this project was that 40 young people, aged 15 to 30 years, undergo training in one of eight practical craft skills and thus increase the possibility for their independence and employment. Training was held in following practical skills: welding training, plastering, sewing course, nail making course, a course on the basics of growing fruit and vegetables in greenhouses, the course of making solar toys, basic bike repair course, and training of decoupage art and painting on glass.

With this fair we have shown the public what the young people have made during this project and what they learned. For this purpose, we presented the photographs of work done on courses, objects that young people made in courses, that ware for sale at the fair. In addition, citizens had the opportunity to meet the young people who ware trained and how they can engage those young people in the future for jobs for which they ware trained in the project.

Nova generacija - Secretariat of Regional Network for Children Living and Working on the Street

01 April 2014
The Regional Network for Children Living and Working on the Street (Regional Network) was formed in June 2010. It was founded by non-governmental and governmental organizations and institutions from BiH and Serbia that promoting and advocating the practice of the rights of children and youth living and working on the street, as well as, improving the quality of life and participation of all children and youth in the society.

One of the founders of the Regional Network is the Association "Nova generacija". In April this year, "Nova generacija" took over management of the Secretariat of the Regional Network. The Secretariat is in charge of operative functioning of the Regional Network: scheduling and organizing meetings of all organs and bodies of the Regional Network, exchanging information, informing – the Regional Network and other interested parties – promoting the Regional Network’s activities and providing support to Work groups.
More information about Regional Network:

Blue Phone extends working hours

05 March 2014
Blue Phone is extending its working time for two hours, which means it will work on every working day from 10 am to 4 pm.
Seeing that during the last year the Blue phone had a large number of missed calls – over 270, we realized that it was necessary to extend the working hours in order to be more were available to children and youth. The long-term goal is for the Blue phone to be open 24 hours aday, 7 days a week, and this is the first step towards it.
Currently, 23 volunteers work on the phone, students of psychology, social work and pedagogy, who were trained to work on this project in 30 hours training course.
Telephone number is 080 05 03 05, and each call is free and anonymous.

A year since the start of the work of the Blue Phone – free and anonymous counseling line for children

10 February 2014
February 18th 2014 was a full year since the start of the Blue phone – free and anonymous counseling line for children. In the previous year, Blue phone received 355 phone calls. Number of missed calls, or calls out of working hours was 265, which indicates that more than 600 calls were aimed at the Blue phone. This is a disturbing number that indicates the importance of the existence of this type of service for children.
The cals are in equal measure from both children and adults. One third of calls was related to a specific problem that the callers had, with the common orientation on the potential solutions for this problem. In these calls we include the calls reporting violence, also made by adults and by children.
There have been cases of sexual exploitation, physical and psychological violence and bullying. All of these calls reaffirm us that violence against children is greatly present all around us and that it is necessary to talk about it and to work in parallel on the elimination of violence and on support to children in these situations. A large number of calls were made by children who tested and checked who is on the line and how they will react if they are provoked. These calls are very important to us because we they show us that an increasing number of children is recognizing the line, and, as it happend many times, they will call again if and when they have a problem.
Callers also call to inform themselves about the various procedures, work of the phone, work of the certain institutions and associations, and to obtain information where to go with the problems that they have.
Blue phone is primarily aimed to support children who are victims and witnesses of violence, but it is also the line opened to the problems that children have which are not related to violence. Children recognized the Blue phone as a counseling line in a broader sense, and in that direction the line will continue to develop.
We are very pleased with the results so far, since we had very little or almost no donor support in this process, and most of the activities is financed from our own budget. We believe that a lot of children and young people have already heard of the existence of the line and we are pleased to have strengthened them to call and to seek advice for problems that they have. Every day we try to justify their trust and we keep up the effort to be better and to provide the best service. The plan is to pay more attention to promoting and introducing children to the existence of the line as well as of its role in the process of growing up and maturing.
Currently on the phone we have 8 volunteers, while 18 volunteers is undergoing training. All volunteers who work at the Blue phone are students of psychology, pedagogy or social work. Volunteers undergo a thorough training consisting of 12 hours training on the basics of phone counseling and 18 hours training on assertive communication. From March the Blue phone will prolong the working time for two hours, so the work time will be from 10 am to 4 pm every working day, and we plan to enable the e-mail counseling by the end of the year.
We hope that we will manage to achieve all these plans to be available to children in a greater extent so they would have the opportunity to choose how to express themselves, in writing or by talking.

Little school for parents

06 February 2014
Association “Nova generacija” currently holds education for parents, third in a row. „Little school for parents“ or „How to bring up a child in the modern age“, is a 10 hours education for parents. As an association that deals with the protection of children's rights we believe that it is important to talk with parents about the ways of raising a child, in order to help parents in the most demanding work, upbringing of children. This education includes topics of praise and constructive criticism, learning the practical methods of setting goals for children, and in which situations and how to punish children. Education includes the identification of educational styles that parents use, as well as exploring the educational styles which may have negative effect on the socio-emotional development of children, in order to focus on the constructive methods of disciplining children. So far, 30 parents were involved in education, and we plan to continue with the education during the next period. Education is lead by Snežana Jondža, psychologist, practitioner and trainer in transactional analysis and assertive communication, which works as coordinator of the Blue phone at the Association.

Project "To solution with their own hands"

17 December 2013
Association "Nova generacija" has received support from the Foundation MOZAIK for the realization of the project "To solution with their own hands" and we will start in January with the implementation of project activities. The project will last until mid-April. The goal of the project is that young people who do not have secondary education or have an uncompetitive profession in the labor market are enabled adequate training in craft skills with which they can provide themselves greater degree of autonomy. 40 young people from disadvantaged families (young people from the Day care center for children, children from records of the PI „Center for Social Work Banja Luka“, and children from the PI Orphenage "Rada Vranjesevic" will have a chance to go through some of the trainings (basic welding course, plastering, upgrading nail course, basic bike repair course, a course on the basics of growing fruit and vegetables in greenhouses, sewing course, the course of making solar toys and creative workshops of painting on glass and decoupage techniques) in accordance with their interests.
In actions to collect material for the courses we hope that the citizens will respond and get included, and that hey will subsequently hire these young people on jobs for which they are trained in the above mentioned courses and so help them feel useful and valuable members of our society.

Our partners on this project are PI „Center for Social Work Banja Luka“, PI Orphenage "Rada Vranjesevic", Association „Hi neighbour“, the Centre for Environment and NGO „Without Borders“.

Participation in the All inclusive project

29 October 2013
Based on application, Association "Nova generacija" was admitted to participate in the All inclusive program from Mosaic Foundation, involving 10 selected organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. To be involved in this program, members of the Association passed the test held in Sarajevo on 05.10.2013. , which will give the Association the opportunity to participate in 10 education in the next two years, in order to strengthen the capacity of members of the association and the association as a whole. Over the next two years, the Association will also have the opportunity to apply with two projects that will aim to work on a specific problem in the community, with the inclusion of a large number of people from the community in the activities. So far, in the program All inclusive, Association members participated in two training sessions, "Education for Social Justice" and "Project Cycle Management", while other training events are expected in the future.

Marking of the October 18th, European Day against Human Trafficking

21 October 2013
Association “Nova generacija”, in cooperation with the Ministry of Security and the German government organization GIZ, organized activities in Banja Luka marking the 18th October - European Day against Human Trafficking. In order to raise public awareness of this problem a workshop for children was held in the Park Petar Kočić, in which the children drew and wrote messages of peace and love of balloons filled with helium, and balloons were symbolically released into the air at 11:55 am. At the same time, an exhibition of art works of high school students from Theological School in Banja Luka on human trafficking as well as numerous articles on the subject, and about the cases of human trafficking from BiH was held at “Staklenac”. Visitors were given promotional materials on this subject and through conversations with "human books" and "living library" they had the opportunity to learn about the institutions that are dealing with this problem and their responsibilities.
Also, humanitarian selling exhibition of works of high school students and children from the Day care center for children (jewelry, painted glass and decoupage) was held at the “Staklenac”. All activities were visited by a number of representatives of the institutions and the media, and also citizens interested in the fight against human trafficking. Everyone who helped in the organization of these activities was presented with the commendation.

Event “Friend of children”

04 October 2013
For the third time, the event “Friends of children” was celebrated at the Youth centre Banja Luka, with the aim to give commemorative awards to all donors and volunteers of the Association for their support to the activities of the Association in the past year. Since the last event “Friend of the children”, held in October 2012th, the Association has been supported by 59 donors and 77 volunteers.
This year, the entire program was realized by the children from the Day care center for children, which was their way of saying thanks to our donors and volunteers. In the event, the children preformed entertainment program, and organized the exhibition of their works from the Day care center. This event, like former two, was organized to mark the Week of the child.

Visit of the representatives of the Child Helpline International(CHI)

26 September 2013
The Association “Nova generacija” was visited by Jane Hannon and Catalina Florea, representatives of the Child Helpline International (CHI), a global network that brings together 173 lines that support children in 142 countries. CHI is a network whose members are organizations that provide counseling helpline for children and the aim of their visit was to gain insight into the work of the Blue phone, free advice line for children of the Association “Nova generacija”, in order to assess the possibility of joining the Association as a member in this network. At the meeting, which was held at the Blue phone premises, CHI representatives and the representatives of the Association exchanged information about the Blue phone and about CHI as a network that connects the advice and help lines for children around the world. We hope that in the future collaboration with CHI will be intensified and that the Association will soon become a member of this network.

Participation in the LYRA project

19 August 2013
Since July, Association Nova generacija is included in the LYRA (Young Roma in Action) project implemented by Save the Children. The aim of the LYRA project is to empower young Roma people through research, identifying key issues that need to be addressed in their local communities, to alleviate discrimination against Roma and develop ways that could lead to positive change. Besides that, the goal is to increase the participation of young Roma in the civil society so that the voice of young Roma leaders is heard and taken into account in the design of national policies relating to social exclusion and discrimination against Roma in the Western Balkans.

The project is planed so that young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, separately in 5 cities, do action research in the Roma communities, and after seeing the main problems of the community write projects to try to solve some of these problems. In Banja Luka, research will be conducted by volunteers of the Nova generacija together with the young people of Association "Veseli brijeg". After the research this team will together write projects to try to resolve some of the problems of the community Veseli brijeg. Save the Children has provided education for young people in this project and ongoing supervision and support to the work of young people.

Research on begging

18 August 2013
In the period from July 1st to July 31st of 2013 the Association "Nova generacija" conducted the research on the topic of street begging and other street work that engaged minors in the city of Banja Luka. The research entailed field work in accordance with the data and information obtained by the association during our work in this area. The aim of this research was to collect more data, through questionnaire method, in order to obtain an approximate number of children involved in street work in any way. The research included five cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Mostar, Tuzla, Zenica and Banja Luka), and was supported by UNICEF.

Another confirmation of good work

01 July 2013
On 27th of June the Association "Nova generacija" participated in the fourth ceremony of Erste Foundation Award for Social Integration in Vienna. From about 2000 projects that arrived at the address of Erste Foundation from 13 countries, the Association “Nova generacija” has entered the top 35 projects in Central and Southeastern Europe, for the project “Day care center for street children”. The association won 16,000 Euros, as well as support from a consultant in public relations for two years, and will also become a member of the Erste Foundation Academy of NGOs.
Over the next two years, as an awarded organization Association will have the opportunity to participate in a series of educational programs, trainings and workshops to strengthen its capacity. The Association is to participate in these activities, along with 136 organizations from Central and Southeastern Europe countries, this year's contest finalist.

Social services fair

19 June 2013
PI "Center for social work" Banja Luka in cooperation with organizations that provide social services, organized on June 18th 2013 the fair of social services provided to users in the city of Banja Luka.
The purpose of the fair was for interested visitors to learn about the social services that are currently available to our citizens, the way of organizing services and the work of organizations that provide social services, and to present the city of Banja Luka as a good example when it comes to the provision of social services to those users who need them.
Social services are emerging as a means to achieve access to social protection and ensuring social inclusion. Services in social protection consist of activities and resources that are provided to users in order to improve their quality of life, enable the satisfaction of basic needs, eliminate or mitigate risks and deficiencies or unacceptable social behavior, and maximize the development of potential for living in community.
One of the participants in the fair was the Association Nova generacija, which presented the work of the Receiving station for children caught in vragrancy and begging, the Day care center for children at risk, Blue Phone, Mobile Emergency Response Team and a Safe house for children.

Beginning of the "Dandelion" project

05 June 2013
Association "Nova generacija" in the framework of prevention and assistance to victims and potential victims of violence and human trafficking carried out in a safe house for children (Children's house-a safe place) begins with the realization of the project "Dandelion". This project is aimed at detraumatisation, emotional support and adequate social inclusion of children cared for in a safe house and at the preventive effect on the general public and professionals. Project activities include psychological and creative workshops in a safe house, but also informative and educational work with professionals who work in schools, as well as the distribution of promotional materials on this topic to the general public. The project was supported by the U.S. Embassy in Bosnia and activities will be implemented over a period of 10 months.

Opening of the Safe house for children

31 May 2013
On the 01.06.2013th the Association is opening a safe house for children called "Children's House - a safe place" and is suitable for children who are victims of violence and exploitation. This is the first safe house meant exclusively for children. Safe house staff is trained psychologists, social workers and teachers, and it has the capacity of 14 beds. Placement of child victims of violence and exploitation in the house is the implementation of the measures to physically and psychologically protect the victims from the abusers and/or exploiters, or to provide to the child a protection of life, physical integrity and mental health and prevent further abuse and misuse.

In the course of providing these services, we established cooperation with the PI Center for Social Work Banja Luka. Because the children who will be placed in the Safe house will be from other municipalities in the RS and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we will achieve partnership and cooperation with other centers for social work.
In addition, we established cooperation with the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees BH and the Ministry of Security BH.

Action to collect clothing

25 April 2013
From 16th to 25th of April 2013 the Technical School Banja Luka took action to collect clothes for children from the Day care center for children, organized by the students and staff of the high school. During this action they collected a large number of trousers, shirts, sweaters, jackets and other garments and shoes and they ware in the form of a donation given to representatives of the Association „Nova generacija“. Through this action, Technical school Banja Luka joined the „Nova generacija“ Association charity campaign – "When a little means a lot", which is designed as a continuous action that aimes to help the children, users of the Day Care Center.

Marking the 12th of April – „International Day for Street Children“

12 April 2013
Consortium for Children, a leading international network dedicated to respecting the rights of children around the world, established in 2011th the marking of the 12th of April, the International Day of Street Children. This year, the Consortium is leading the global campaign to sign a petition asking the UN to recognize the International Day for Street Children.
In the spirit of this, International Day for street children was for the first time marked by the Regional Network for Children involved in the life and work on the streets. This network consists of organizations and institutions from seven cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia („Zemlja djece“ Tuzla, „Cenar za integraciju mladih" Belgrade, „KPI disciplinary center for juveniles“ Sarajevo, „Altruist“ Mostar, „Nova generacija“ Banja Luka, „Echumenic humanitarian organisation“ Novi Sad, and „Medica“ Zenica).
In cooperation with the PI „Center for social work“ Banja Luka, Nova generacijamarked the International Day of street children through organizing numerous activities and socializing for children beneficiaries of the Day care center for children on 12.04.2013. in the Park Mladen Stojanovic in Banja Luka, and organized the signing of a petition that will be forwarded to the UN. The event was attended by citizens, the media, representatives of the government and institutions, joining us in the global campaign against child labor, neglect, exploitation and trafficking.

Obtaining the accreditation for EU program – Youth in Action

11 April 2013
For a long time, Association „Nova generacija“ engages volunteers of various profiles. The Association has recognized that volunteers play a very important role in the welfare and prosperity of the industrialized countries, developing countries and in local development programs, and that's why we try to focus our work on this population.
In order to improve this kind of work, the Association has applied to the European voluntary service within the EU program – Youth in Action. In response to the application, on April 11th 2013 the Association received accreditation from this service for sending and receiving volunteers, in the volunteer exchange program in Europe. We are now planning to make arrangements for receiving and engaging two foreign volunteers in our organization.

The signing of the Protocol on cooperation

05 March 2013
Representatives of the "Nova generacija" participated in the activities of the working group for the development of the Protocol on cooperation between governmental and non- governmental organizations from Banja Luka region in support of juvenile victims of gender-based violence, organized by the "Udružene žene" foundation Banja Luka.
The above protocol was signed on Monday, 04.03.2013. Besides the "Nova generacija" and "Udružene žene" Protocol was signed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs RS, Ministry of Justice RS (Government’s of the Republic of Srpska Center for free legal assistance), Ministry of Education and Culture RS, PI "Center for social work" Banja Luka, Centre for Mental Health Banja Luka, Banja Luka Psychiatry clinic, Gender Centre RS, Banja Luka District Prosecutor's Office and the General and District Court Banja Luka.
In this way, we defined responsibilities, methods of treatment and cooperation of these institutions and organizations in support of juvenile victims of gender-based violence, which will make it easier to work together in this area.

Counseling line for children

27 January 2013
On the 25th and 26th of January 2013th Association “Nova generacija” held a two-day training for volunteers who will be active in the counseling line for children. Training was held by educators from the Association “Brave phone” from Zagreb that have many years of experience in this field, with the support of the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports of Republic of Srpska. It is a phone for children that will be free of charge and is intended for children who are victims and witnesses of violence and exploitation. The service will be active from 18 th of February, and the students of social work and psychology will be working on the phone.

“Nova generacija” became a member of a team for monitoring the national strategy to combat violence against children

14 December 2012
Association “Nova generacija” was selected as a member of an independent monitoring team (IMT) to monitor the national strategy to combat violence against children in 2015-2012 th. This team consists of five more organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina. These are: SOS Children's Villages Bosnia, Centre for Child Rights Konjic, "Zemlja djece", Otaharin and Hope and Homes for Children.

All member organizations of IMT endorsed and comply with the Child protection policy and its programs are directly or indirectly oriented towards prevention and protection of children. They all have developed important contacts and cooperation with related organizations and services that deal with issues of violence against children in the communities in which they operate, but also in the cantonal/entity and state level.

Event "Friend of Children"

05 October 2012
For the second time the event "Friend of Children" was held in the Youth Center Banja Luka. The aim of the event was to present the donors of the Association and activities organized in the past year. Since the last year’s event the Association has established collaboration with a total of 71 donors. With award Acknowledgements to the donors and presentation of the Association, our kids - users of the Day-care center performed recitals and sang a song together. The event was held to mark the week of the child.

"Older brother, older sister" event

02 October 2012
Association “Nova generacija” began implementing the project entitled "Event: Older brother, older sister," supported by the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Srpska. Activities will be carried out with the children from the Children's orphanage “Rada Vranjesevic” included in the "Older brother, older sister" project, and some of the activities will be visiting the Paddock Riding Club in Barlovci, going on a trip to the tourist complex “Duboka”, as well as different sport activities that will take place in the park Dr Mladen Stojanovic. Final activity "Celebrating 10 years of the project Older brother, older sister" is to be held at the Youth Center in Banjaluka on the 20th November 2012.

Implementation of the project "Developing capacity for independent living"

05 September 2012
In September, "Nova generacija" association began implementation of the project "Developing capacity for independent living" inside the Program for the enterprising youth. The project is supported by Mosaic Foundation, the World Bank and the Italian government, with the aim of enabling children and young people in practical skills. The project implements the basic course of computer training, jewelry workshop and painting on glass course. Participants are children and young people users of the Day-care center for children, JU "Center for social work" Banja Luka, MDD Merhamet Banja Luka and numerous other organizations and associations. The project runs until 05th December 2012.

EMMAUS visited "Nova generacija"

13 June 2012
Representatives of EMMAUS Europe (France) and its partner organization “Međunarodni forum solidarnosti EMMAUS Klokotnica” (BiH) were in one-day friendly visit to the Association “Nova generacija”. The aim of the visit was to familiarize the French representatives to the Association’s work methods and agree on next steps and cooperation. In September, the Association “Nova generacija” should receive a official confirmation about joining this large global organization as a trial member with the aim of the joint struggle against poverty. Another visit of representatives of “Nova generacija” was agreed to the EMMAUS communities in France, also in September.

Football match for homeless people rights promotion

11 June 2012
The "Nova generacija" association in cooperation with International Forum of Solidarity - EMMAUS and “Rekreativo” FC, organized a match between “Football team of homeless people of Bosnia and Herzegovina” and the "Rekreativo" FC in Banja Luka. The match was played on a small stadium at the Student Center "Nikola Tesla", as part of preparation of this football team for participation in the World Cup in Mexico, which is recognized and supported by UEFA and FIFA. The aim of these events is to promote the rights of people living without a roof over their heads, and use the positive side of sport to help change the consciousness of the marginalized group of people. Although the result was not a priority, match ended 5-5, and the crowd from the stands equally cheered both teams.

"When a little means a lot" in Mercator markets

21 March 2012
As a part of humanitarian campaign “When a little means a lot” charity boxes for cash donations have been placed at all pay desks in Mercator Center Banja Luka and in other Mercator markets in Banja Luka. All cash donations will be directed to the needs of the Daycare Center for Children at Risk. In addition to collecting necessary funds, this project aims to raise awareness of the problem of children forced to live and work on streets, and children who are victims and witnesses of domestic violence. The project also represents successful cooperation between NGO “Nova Generacija” and Mercator.

"Nova Generacija" visited Emmaus

22 December 2011
Representatives of “Nova Generacija” were in an official visit to France, where they met with the president of “Emmaus International” Jean Rousseau and member of the Management Board of “Emmaus Europe” Alain Campasa. This visit was enabled by the International Forum of Solidarity – Emmaus from Klokotnica, the partner of “Nova Generacija”. During the meeting we presented our work, and acceptance of our organization as an experimentally member was agreed upon. The development of the youngest Emmaus Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad will be supervised by the International Forum of Solidarity, which has been a full member of this organization for five years. As the primary objective of Emmaus is a fight against poverty and exclusion, NGO “Nova Generacija” announces a sharp turn in its mission and is going to greatly expand its activities in the future.

Plaque for volunteer recognition and for the best volunteer organizer

5 December 2011
In regard to marking the International Volunteer Day, Ministry of Family, Youth and Sport RS award a plaque for volunteer recognition and for the best volunteer organizer every year. Bozana Grujic and “Nova generacija” were awarded a plaque for the volunteer of the year and the best volunteer organizer in 2011. Bozana has been volunteering in “Nova Generacija” since 2008.

Marking the International Children's Day

20. novembar 2011.
In regard to marking the International Children's Day, children from the Daycare Center had a play at “Lumpi” playground in Mercator Banjaluka and showed their skills. Visitors had an opportunity to watch a puppet show, as well as to hear a few poems that children had prepared in the Daycare Center.
As a sign of gratitude, Mercator donated the Daycare Center foodstuffs, hygiene items, dishes and textile. The general manager Damjan Davidovic said: “From the founding of the Company we have made great efforts to help all those who needed help. This time our help is intended for children and youth from the Daycare Center. In coordination with NGO “Nova Generacija”, we have been supporting humanitarian actions with the purpose of collecting the necessary supplies for the Center. We believe that our donations of food, clothing articles and hygiene products will facilitate the work of this institution that takes care of our children and youth.”

Marking the European Day against human trafficking

18 October 2011
To mark the European Day against human trafficking, 18 November 2011, from 11-14 hours on the Krajina Square, “Nova generacija” in cooperation with the Ministry of Security BH - the Department for Combating human trafficking, Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees BH, The State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) and Center for Social Work Banja Luka, conducted promotional campaign activities in accordance with National Action Plan to Prevent and Combat Trafficking of Human Beings. The goal was to raise public awareness about this important topic and increasingly frequent trafficking in our society. Caritas joined the campaign, sharing their promotional materials.

Humanitarian campaign "When a little means a lot"

07 October 2011
Humanitarian campaign “When a little means a lot” aims to collect material and financial resources for supporting the Day-care center for Child Victims of Domestic Violence, Day-care centre for Street Children as well as Safe House for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse we plan to open this year. More about this action can be read here.

Event "Friends of Children"

06 October 2011
For the first time, the event “Friends of children” was celebrated at 6 October 2011 in the Youth centre Banja Luka. “Nova generacija”, on this occasion, presented its previous activities and report on the collected donations and the way they have been spent. The commemorative awards have been given to all donors – friends of children – for their generous support to development of this program. We organized the exhibition of children’s works, as well as a short puppet show performed by our users (child users of the Day-care Center). Our great desire is that this event becomes a regular activity of the Association and to have a larger number of friends of children from year to year.

Day-care Center got a new roof!

02 October 2011.
Thanks to donors and people of goodwill, we managed to solve one of our biggest problems, and that is we fix a roof so that we can safely wait for winter. Also, we have solved leakage problems in rooms that we use. We now have a large unused space in the attic, so we are thinking how to arrange this free space.

Visit to the Equestrian Club "Paddock"

26 August 2011
The Equestrian Club “Paddock” is situated in Barlovci, not so far from Banja Luka, in a peaceful and natural ambiance. The Club is dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of horse-riding sport, human relationship with animals, coexistence with nature and the preservation of natural environment. Accordingly, the Equestrian Club has offered cooperation to our Association and the possibility of organizing of workshops on nature for children, which we have gladly accepted. The workshops on animals have been already organized in the Day-care Center, so this cooperation is a step forward in the same direction. Every two weeks, the children go to the Equestrian Club “Paddock”, where they participate in workshops aimed to rising awareness for nature and respect for animals. Our users feed, clean and cuddle dogs, cats, rabbits, musk ducks Mini and Moris, and horses named Bugi, Jala, Beba i Sajus. Also, the horse riding courses are being organized for the children.

Opening the "Day-care Center for Children at Risk"

18 April 2011
In Banja Luka, Nova Varos community, the Day-care Center for Children at Risk started with its activity. The Center has been opened in cooperation between PI “Center for Social Work” Banja Luka and the Association “Nova generacija”, and with the assistance of the City of Banja Luka, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and “Save the Children” Norway. The Day-care Center for Children at Risk is conceived as the reception center for children caught in begging and vagrancy and for child victims and/or witnesses of violence. Besides, the Center accepts all children who are exposed to any kind of risk (neglect and abuse), as well as any type of violence or work exploitation. The Mayor of Banja Luka, Dragoljub Davidovic said that this is one more service, provided by the Center for Social Work which is intended for children. “The opening of this Center once again showed that our citizens have a sense of the other people’s troubles. Young people, who want to help through the non-governmental sector, carry a large part of the burden and because of their engagement we thank them on behalf of the City. The building, in which the Day-care Center is, was in bad shape, but thanks to the involvement of the Center for Social Work and NGOs, now looks quite good. The City of Banja Luka will help the Center within the limits of their capabilities to get all necessary equipment”, said Dragoljub Davidovic.

More about the Day-care Center can be read here.

Current projects and actions